DAY 1 – Seated Easy Pose


Sit comfy with your legs crossed or extend them in front of you if that feels better for your knees. Create a long spine, relax your shoulders down your back and bring a slight smile to your face. Pay attention to your breath as it enters your nose and leaves your mouth. Intend to breathe, observe your breath and voila! You are meditating.

Meditation guide: Notice how it feels to be right where you are. Notice the feeling of your butt on the ground. Notice how air feels coming in through your nose and then out through your mouth. If your mind wanders just notice where it goes, smile and bring it back to the feeling of each inhale and each exhale. When we breathe intentionally, noticing how each breath feels, we are meditating. When we are meditating we are calming the limiting the thoughts our mind creates which hold us back. When we are meditating, we are listening to how we feel and when we listen to how we feel, we tap into our inner boss, the one that wants us to succeed, to be powerful, and to have everything we ever wanted.

Say to yourself, “I am not my thoughts, I am not my feelings and I am not my emotions. I am greater than those things. I am always right where I need to be. I observe my thoughts but they do not control me. I control my mind by focusing on my breath and I am in the process of becoming my most badass self. “

Benefits: Calms the mind, Improves Posture, Boosts confidence.