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Volunteers rush in to fill void on Naperville Dairy Queen owner’s teen suicide prevention cause

Volunteers rush in to fill void on Naperville Dairy Queen owner’s teen suicide prevention cause

Naperville organizes suicide-prevention fundraiser to honor Dairy Queen owner.

Even during cancer treatment, Karen Moloney strives to provide awareness to teen suicide.

After a worker at her Dairy Queen completed suicide in 2011, she was shaken by the tragedy. She responded by “starting an annual golf outing that raised money for suicide prevention groups.”

After her cancer diagnosis, she wasn’t able to provide a golf outing. Instead, with help from Hope for the Day, along with Chicago meteorologist Tom Skilling and Naperville’s mayor,  Maloney lead an effort from her Dairy Queen parking lot to raise money for suicide prevention.

Metra Moves to Prevent Suicide

Metra foreman Robert Tellin prevented a man from taking his life at a station in 2016 after receiving training from the railroad. The agency is working on a campaign to prevent deaths by suicide.

If you’re commuting in or out of Chicago, chances are you’ve taken Metra before. It’s also no secret that in 2016, there were 20 confirmed suicides along the rails. Back in 2015, Metra reported 19 confirmed  suicides throughout their railroads.

However, Metra is not sitting on the statistics.

Starting in 2015, Metra began training its employees in suicide intervention, and has successfully intervened in 39 cases so far in 2017. Robert Tellin, pictured above, is one of the many Metra employees to succeed in suicide prevention.

At Metra’s Friday conference, experts dispelled myths that only trained professionals can intervene in suicides.

“Approaching someone who appears to be contemplating suicide and asking questions such as ‘Are you feeling bad?’ or ‘Will you let me help you?’ can lower the risk of a fatality” Northwestern University psychiatrist John Csernansky said.


Programs that Can Social Media Images for Depressive Symptoms

Software used to screen social media photos for depression signs

A computer program, written by programmers and psychologists at Harvard and University of Vermont, ran through 43,000 images from 166 people, and agreed with the diagnosis of mental health specialists 70% of the time.

So what?: “These findings support the notion that major changes in individual psychology are transmitted in social media use, and can be identified via computational methods.”

Of course, the researchers recognize the necessity to be careful with this data, saying that this blueprint for mental health screening will be “paired with a commensurate focus on upholding data privacy and ethical analytics.”


Read the journal entry here:

Finding the Best In You by Combating Mental Illness

Foo Fighters urge mental health awareness: “Depression is a disease” – News – Alternative Press

Foo Fighters urge mental health awareness: “Depression is a disease” – News – Alternative Press

In the wake of losing both Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, artists have not been quiet on the issue of mental health.

This Suicide Prevention Month, artists are taking their loud voices to the airwaves to expose depression as a sickness.

“Going through something like suicide, it’s a long road,” Grohl says. “And Chris [Cornell] was such a beautiful guy—he was the sweetest person, he was so talented, he had so much to offer. It was a real shock.”

“Mental health and depression is something that people should really take seriously. There’s a stigma attached to it that’s unfortunate,” Grohl said.

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After A Suicide, Sibling Survivors Are Often Overlooked

Recent studies show that people who survive a brother or sister’s suicide are at great risk of mood disorders and mental health problems, including thoughts of harming themselves.