Back to school is always an exciting time of year, but one that can also be filled with anxiety and pressure. How do we manage challenging emotions as students, parents and other significant loved ones to start the academic year off well?
Here are resources that can help.




The Glenbard Parent Series

An educational consortium dedicated to presenting distinguished authors, clinicians, and educators who share their research-based knowledge and experiences. 

To enhance students’ social and emotional learning, encourage responsible decision-making, foster positive growth, and development, and promote respectful relationships as they encourage conversations around the opportunities and issues facings families today.

Back to School Time

The Back to School Bells are ringing!! This is a blog article on preparing children and ourselves for the transition back to school.


Assessing Mental Health
in Athletes & Seeking Help When Needed

School is back in session and so is athletics. This is a blog article on what parents can look for and the professionals that can help!


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Are you and your kids stressed about going back to school, starting a new school year, or beginning kindergarten? Find tips to help you cope and gear up for a great school year.

Transitioning Your Family From Summer to School

Steps to help your family smoothly transition in to the school year.


back to school

Whether their summer was jam-packed with activities or filled with complaints about being bored with nothing to do, kids often have a tough time making the back to school transition.


back to school dread: beyond first day jitters

When back to school anxiety becomes too overwhelming.



Back to School and Back to Anxiety

New situations are difficult for many children going back to school is a filled with them. Think about how anxious you would be about starting a new job every year of your life and you will know what children experience with the start of the new school year. But there are ways to reduce your child’s anxiety about going back to school.





Set to go

Your guide to the transition from high school to college and adulthood.

There are skills that will help you thrive as you get ready to leave high school. Here you'll find information, tools and guidance to help you feel Set to Go - whether you go to college or straight to a career.

Supporting Mental Health From a Distance

When Should a Parent Intervene?

For most young people, going to college is the first time living away from home. This experience is exciting, maturing and hopefully educational and fun. It is also a big step and almost inevitably this will bring up anxiety for them. But it is important to recognize that students going off to college are not the only ones who might be anxious.



How Do You Motivate a Student to Do Well in School When They Aren't Interested?

While often overlooked, the importance of simply being receptive listener can help increase a child's motivation.

5 Tips for Autism Parents

Strategies to reduce anxiety for a smooth and positive start to the school year.


Back To School Worries

Helping children cope with starting a new school year.


Back to School or
Not Back at All?

Adults, like children, keep growing and moving ahead. Time for the next grade!


Back to School and
Back to Pressure

Did you give your kids a pressure immunization shot? You'd better!


Back to School
(and Back to Sleep)

How can kids get sufficient sleep for school?