According to The CDC: Suicide completion rates have surged to a 30-year high in America. Nearly 121 individuals die by suicide each day. Our active duty or veterans of the US military represent as many as 22 of these daily deaths. It has become the second leading cause of death among youth 15-24 years old, surpassing automotive fatalities. As of 2016, the fastest rising age group for suicide completions are adolescents 10-14 years old, with girls being the highest risk in that age group.
Suicide can be preventable. Right now, our biggest obstacle to effective prevention is silence. Silence that occurs among individuals in pain and silence within our communities.
The Youth in Crisis Coalition is committed to reducing suicide completion rates, and was formed as a direct response to the pain and impact suicide has already had on our communities in the greater
DuPage County area. 

It is composed of a diverse group of stakeholders that represent municipalities, County agencies, schools, parents and non-profit organizations that serve residents within the Townships of Lisle, Downers Grove, and Naperville. Beyond the organizations and institutions represented, at the very core of this coalition we are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends, family, and peers within the impacted communities compelled by this issue to unite in obtaining sustainable solutions to reduce suicide rates.  

Proactive suicide prevention is about starting the conversation on mental health before it adversely impacts our lives. 

The Youth in Crisis Coalition’s aspirations are to:

  • Raise The Visibility: We will break the silence and dispel stigma by making resources, information, and general dialogue more visible, and accessible to our communities.
  • Get Educated: We will increase education on mental health care, and crisis response to reduce the highest risk factors for suicide and self-harming behavior.
  • Take Action: We will create/evolve/enhance policies in our community spaces to affirm and enshrine proactive practices.   

This coalition is a starting point, a catalyst to activate our communities, and we can achieve tangible impact by remembering that we all have the potential to be agents of impact in our community!


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