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Preparing for School Re-Entry

If the students in your household are already rolling out of bed at 6 a.m. because they are excited about returning to school and want to be ready for early risings to come, you’re very lucky. If not, here are ways to help them and you get ready.


Back to School Tips

Managing Back-to-School Jitters

There’s a lot to prepare for at the beginning of each school year, from making sure your kids have all the supplies they need, to figuring out where their classroom is.

Wake Up to a Back-to-School Sleep Schedule

With all the summer activities and getaways, your kids’ sleep schedules may have gone a bit haywire. But there’s still time to get them on a sleep schedule if you start now.

Back-to-School Study Tips

Now is the time to break out of your same-old homework habits. Try these study tips and get the brain boost you need for back to school.

Tips on Mastering New School Year Routine

Getting out the door on time. Extracting a few measly details on what they did all day. None of that is easy. Here’s pro advice on mastering the new routine.

Tips for Preparing for Back to School

Chances are, you can see room for improvement in your preparation and organization for the school year. Here are some tips for preparing and organizing for back to school.

Practicing Mindfulness Can Help Ease Back-to-School

Becoming more aware of where you are and what you’re doing, without becoming overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around you.

Mentally Prepare for Start of School

If you find it difficult to start school again after summer break, follow this list to help mentally prepare yourself for your best year of school yet.


What I Know and What I Don’t Know Technique

For Managing Back-to-School Anxiety

Preparation is important. So, as we anticipate another school year, it makes sense to prepare, to get acquainted with the new schedule, hammer out the logistics, and replenish the supplies.

Back-to-School Resources for LGBT Students and Their Parents and Teachers

Resources for LGBT students and allies to get ready to walk through the high school doors.

Helping Children with Special Needs Go Back to School

Back-to-school time can be exceptionally difficult for the 20 percent of children who suffer from a mental health or learning disorder.

Five Ways to Help Children Silence Negative Self-Talk

5 Ways to Help Children Silence Negative Self-Talk
by Dr Hazel Harrison